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Symbol Graphics has developed an engraving software package, designed exclusively for the needs of the engraving industry. It has all the basic features of Letter-Art to ensure the power and speed your company needs to produce professionally engraved or scribed signage. Pop up tips and keyboard interaction makes this software one of the easiest engraving programs to learn and the fastest to use.

The software also package includes:image001.jpg (59785 bytes)

G-check.GIF (888 bytes) 32 single, double and triple stroke engraving fonts

G-check.GIF (888 bytes) For larger work, 55 additional fonts are also included that can be outlined, area filled or profile cut. Symbol Graphics library of 3000+ fonts are available to suite most architectural needs..

G-check.GIF (888 bytes)International symbols - with or without borders - are included for pictograms and other universal messages.

G-check.GIF (888 bytes)A small clip-art and borders Graphic library can be expanded with the extraordinary Vector Art collections.

Using a diamond stylus, lettering can be as small as .050” with the sans serif single stroke fonts with no overlap. Use single line fonts for engraving small letters; multiline or single stroke for scribing monograms; outline fonts for engraving outlines; or filled engraving.

Letter-Art software with engraving fonts and Braille capability is also sold with engraving equipment by our dealers under private label.

Available upgrades:

image003.jpg (1767 bytes)  Thousands of additional fonts;

image003.jpg (1767 bytes)  Corporate logos,  clip-art and other images;

image003.jpg (1767 bytes)  ADA special feature supports the design and production of Braille tactile lettering. The software translates standard text in English into Grade 2 Braille and automatically creates Braille images. Three Braille and three visual Braille fonts are included with this option.  With the help of the visual Braille fonts, designs can be created on the screen in English and automatically translated and embossed during output without ever seeing Braille dots on the screen.

image003.jpg (1767 bytes)  A group of Bar Code 39 Fonts are ready to use in inventory control and warehouse applications. Whether engraved in small size or cut from vinyl for larger format, these perfect fonts are easy to use for scanable identification.

Engraved asset inventory tags are efficient, durable and less expensive when produced in-house.  Engraved plastic tags are virtually impervious to any aging process.  Maintenance personnel can also use bar code scans when they perform maintenance on equipment.  Tags are produced with no data entry errors using attached text files retrieved in a few minutes from an existing Excel inventory database.   The engraver runs unattended with minimum labor.  An additional bonus is that the system can be used to produce many other needed office tags, plaques and signs.   For any application, call and ask about using database text files of names and numbers to substitute in trophies, equipment marking, picture identification tags and many other name or number list situations. For more information visit "Symbol Graphics Bar Code Solutions".

image003.jpg (1767 bytes)  Upgrade to Letter-Art Full for creating more intricate designs with graphics capability.

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