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How do I transfer my files to a new computer?
Step 1:
the entire c:\LETTER directory from your previous computer to a zip drive.  If you use a CD, be sure to NOT close the CD, as this will make all files to be "Read Only" and they will not be accessible for editing.  (Copying this entire folder does not install the program, but sets up the sub-directories under LETTER as previously used.)

Step 2:
Using the Letter-Art CD, install the program by selecting and double clicking the c:\D:SETUP.EXE file.  Some old program files will still exist and you should allow all of them to be replaced.  You should also allow FONTS and GRAPHICS to be installed. 

If your prior installation required a security dongle, you may need to uninstall your new installation, using the Windows Control Panel to Add/Remove Letter-Art and then repeat Step 2. 

I need to export a graphic file from Corel

Make sure to compose or re-order lines from bottom to top.  Select NO FILL and HAIRLINE options.  Export as curves and as Adobe Illustrator .EPS.  If you have a newer version of Corel, save the file as Version 8.  Import the graphic into Letter-Art and save as .GNT.

How do I make vertical lettering?
Type your line of text.
[A] (angle of rotation) = -90
[(] (character rotation) = +90
[J] (justification)  Choose “Centered”
[V] (variable spacing) Select MONO for vertical
Adjust the [B] Between Spacing if necessary.  You may need to use negative numbering.  You can also adjust manually between individual letters using [F10] for more spacing or [F9] for less spacing.

“Invalid Property or Runtime Error 380”
In Explorer, go to C:\Letter and locate the “configure.090” file.  Delete this file.  You may need to reset default paths in Letter-Art.

Run Time Error #5
This is usually a long file name problem.  In Explorer:
Go to C:\Letter.  Look for any files that have a “~” included in the name or “copy of” files, and delete or rename.

I am getting a “Time Out" Error
Check the cable connection on the plotter.  Turn off plotter and...

“No Output Device Associated with This Port” error
Go to your Printers & Faxes.  Make sure PLOT1 is spelled correctly with no spaces.

For installations with IOLINE plotters and Version 9.7 of Letter-Art, the printer name should be IOLINE DEVICE with 1 space between words.  These settings can be entered and saved from the PROPERTIES menu of the OUTPUT / CONFIGURATION screen.  The Control Center is then no longer needed.

I have a new what

If you have a new Roland or Graphtec, install their plotter driver and then rename to PLOT1.  If you have purchased a new Ioline, there are a few more steps.  You may want to call for technical assistance.
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