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  Symbol Graphic’s Federal Highway And Traffic Control collection, HIGHWAY-ART meets all requirements for compliant MUTCD signage. The highway database incorporates:
  • Over 2800 pre-designed traffic signs and templates
  • Federal Highway Series B, C, D, E, F, and E modified fonts. All fonts include upper and lower case letters as well as additional punctuation characters
  • 370 Highway sign borders
  • Local street names
  • Vehicle identification
  • Street banners
  • 911 signage
  • ADA compliance (including Braille)
  • Engraved ID tags
  • Advertisement banners

    Use our pre-designed, full scale, ready to cut MUTCD compliant traffic control signs, or if needed, advanced design features allow these signs to be modified and saved as templates to create customized signs for local applications. Each sign is identified by a Federal Highway Specification code with trailing numbers of the sign height. When R12-1_48 file is opened, the 48" high "Truck Weight Limit" sign is brought to the screen and is ready to cut. When necessary, graphics and words can be replaced and the signs will maintain their original formatting, making this program one of the easiest to learn and use.

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