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Roland Stika

STIKA - The Affordable, Personal Signmaker

CAMM-1 PRO vinyl cutters sx.jpg (13938 bytes) Specifications
SX 15/12/8


STIKA makes it easy to cut out graphics that you've designed on the computer onto adhesive backed vinyl sheets.  With our software you can immediately start designing and cutting. STIKA is amazingly compact and lightweight. Just connect the STIKA to the parallel port on your PC and press POWER. STIKA will then produce attractive decals, POP displays, signs, labels, stencils or other graphics with incredible ease. You can continuously cut graphics as long as 39" or use our paneled output feature for even larger jobs.

  • Turn your computer into a design studio
  • Versatile, precise cutting for adhesive backed vinyl graphics
  • Instantly outputs striking decals, logos, signs, stencils, etc.
  • Easy application software included lets you get started with STIKA right away
  • Now anyone can cut graphics like a pro
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